For starters let me apologize it really has been a very long time since I wrote something, well! Let us just say that nothing really excited me enough.

It took just one call from my friend Nupur Sandhu (a lady who dons many hats and each one successfully) to tell me about this book launch.

What piqued my interest was the title itself,   “Infinity by Minal Arora”. If you think it was just the name then think again.

For those who know me are aware that  I do not get excited by run off the mill stuff, which means that “Infinity” has to be really special to have me excited about its launch.

You must be wondering what the blabbering is all about, what book, whose book and why this book?

Let me rewind, I am one of those people who are fortunate enough to have the best kind of friends there are in this world and one of them is Nupur Sandhu and when she tells me about something I know I have to find out about this. The lady has taste and does not recommend second-rate stuff.

The brief about how Infinity brought me to my dilemma

What Infinity deals with is the journey of our soul in human form. The author endeavours to provide the reader with an insight into every aspect that touches their lives and how by making minor adjustments and adaptation in our perspective can bring about a sea change in the quality of our life.

Where does my dilemma come in?

The book has been written with the most honest intentions of making the idea of spirituality understandable to non-believers (like Me) or people who have misconstrued ideas about spirituality.

This is by no means an easy task as spirituality is probably the most misunderstood and poorly explained terms.

What I think I know of spirituality is that if you are spiritual you have to be far removed from the material world (most of us think that)

If you are spiritual it means you have no interest in matters pertaining to money and all things good in life. At least that is what most supposed spiritual people profess and what most of us tend to believe about people who talk of being spiritual. Well! The book sets me right on that, Spirituality is so much more than that.


Spirituality is a way of life, a belief and also self-awareness. The book aims to provide an insight into various ideas and concepts dealing with a plethora of concepts right from mental disorders, money matters( who doesn’t want to know of them)wisdom, death, perceptions, karma and past life, angels, spirit guides and even Nirvana. What really stands out is the beautiful manner in which the writer manages the flow and leads up to the very essence of human existence. The real-life stories and case studies make the ideas relatable and believable to all non-believers and those with misplaced ideas about spirituality.

Just like spirituality in its truest form aims at achieving a perfect harmony and balance between what was and what is (according to the believers) the book tries to help the reader gain an insight into spiritual healing using past life regression.

If that is not all when I came to know that the launch has garnered interests of people from completely different areas of work and interest, I knew this was a special event. What would someone who is a senior worker and contributor at RSS, a lady IPS and an author, a filmmaker and writer have in common except their belief in the ideas

And what really caught my fancy was the way Minal Arora takes a fictional beginning and takes us through myriad twists and turns of the non-fiction world and then merges it with a fictional ending which is indeed a masterstroke as a writer.

Her ideas and her way of putting spirituality and its nuances in a manner that can be comprehended by the non-believers has probably, been the moot point of interest for three completely different individuals to make time and be part of the launch and to release the book.When they put their collective thoughts and beliefs regarding  wholesonw undersatnding of self in cohesion with the universe and on the same platform and release a book that may be touted as the perfect guide to an enriched life.

Who are these people?

IMG-20180703-WA0027 (1)

Arun Anand a Delhi based journalist who has held editorial positions at key dailies and networks like The Statesman, Dainak Jagran, Midday, TV Today. A keen RSS follower who has authored a book to burst the myths related to the RSS, “Know about RSS” He has even translated Barrack Obama’s ‘Audacity of hope’ into Hindi. A man who has spent more than two and a half decades in the field of journalism and has authored five books and is vocal about his views on all matters pertaining to the myths surrounding spiritual realms and religious beliefs. He can be seen bursting the bubbles of many a fanatic on television debates.


Suman Nalwa, a 1996 batch IPS officer is supposed to be far-removed from the world of spirituality as she deals with the harsh reality of life where crime and criminals are a part of your day. In a career spanning 22 years, she has worked in various capacities in units that deal with Women & Children, Anti-corruption and Intelligence Gathering. How does one expect a lady who handles and faces the ugly face of mankind on a daily basis be spiritual (her spirit should be mired by the darkness she encounters)

But then she is spiritual as coming face to face with the dark side has helped her develop a more empathetic approach and develop a better understanding towards why people get sucked into the abyss of crime. ( she really solves my dilemma) She has used that understanding to author and co-author books on Law relating to dowry, Dowry Death, Cruelty to Women & Domestic violence. Room no 103,Nanak Pura Thana and Commentary on Juvenile Justice act


Nupur Sandhu (she is the reason I am interested in the book and the launch)  a friend before anything else she has the Midas touch. If there is one person who lives and breathes evolution, it is her. She makes use of every living moment to learn more and grow more. From working as a human resource professional to an educator, from a trained counsellor who helped students deal with their problems to a serenity surrender healer and then switching gears to write her play “INHERSHOES” direct it to making a short film”Belle Moi ’(beautiful me). Her genius has been applauded not just within the country but also in foreign waters. While ‘IN Her Shoes’ win rave reviews at the Kala Ghoda Art Festival in Mumbai, and at the June edition of Bangalore Short film festival. ‘Belle Moi’ travelled all the way to France and was screened at PlienLaBobine, Festival De Cinema. Her understanding of human battles has been so beautifully captured in both her creations that one can truly the Serenity surrender healer, the counsellor and the educator at work. A jet-setting mom, army wife and defence brat personify a truly spiritual person as she takes the best of the world and gives back the best by healing what is broken. She makes the best use of this understanding and utilises it her work for Rotary and as a Rotarians and Charter President Rotary club, Jammu Elite dist she has touched many lives and given her healing touch to many a broken souls.

Minal Arora’s,”Infinity” succeeds in bringing these three completely different individuals from totally different worlds together because in spite of their differences they are a united by a spirituality that needs no introduction. Their beliefs and their understanding of human follies and fallacies make them truly spiritual and hence resolve my dilemma that, “Spirituality might mean different things for different people but the one common thing is understanding of the self and of those around you. If this understanding helps you do good then you are spiritual in the true sense.”