This time we look at the after effects of our failure in teaching our sons what we teach our daughters. The moment we fail to tell them that there is nothing really special in being a male child, we are setting them up to be individuals who believe that the world owes them. Basically, they grow up believing that everyone should bow to them and give in to his wishes.


When they step out of their cocoon they expect everyone to pander to his ego the way the parents did at home.  Now they cannot take on the male colleagues ( as the small mindset is fixed with male superiority) so the female colleagues bear the brunt of their chauvinistic approach to life,

Let’s take a look at how these children fare in different areas of life:

At Work:

Now they cannot take on the male colleagues ( as the small mindset is fixed with male superiority) so the female colleagues bear the brunt of their chauvinistic approach to life. The pampered man takes pride in informing his female co-workers that his job is more important than theirs. Heavens forbid if anyone tries to correct his lofty beliefs. our man cannot handle that.( Since as parents we failed to tell him that it is not imperative for everyone to agree with you)

All this does not happen if our MAN finds work in areas that are still considered the male bastion.Here he is most likely to face the following problems. He will not be able to accept that anyone is better at the job than him. To cover up his own ineptness he would love putting the others down so that he can feel better about himself.

All this because we failed to teach him as a child that “Respect needs to be earned and not demanded” We fail as parents when we forget to tell our boys that, if they want something they should be prepared to work hard for it.( Nothing will be served to them on a platter) We failed to teach them how to appreciate people who are good at their work and how to learn from such people.( WE WERE TOO BUSY TEACHING THEM HOW SPECIAL THEY WERE )

Our man believes that no one at work is better than him, hence he struggles with the rejection of his sub-par work. ( But this is not his fault since we told him that everything he did was perfect)

At Home: 

A boy who is not taught to respect human beings ( we taught him of the superiority of one sex we did not teach him about human beings and humanity) will generally be the kind of husband who believes that he is God’s gift to womankind and the wife should always be at his service. He will be the kind of father who will believe that the children should respect him and hang on to his every word because ‘HE IS THE MAN OF THE HOUSE.’

He would love telling his wife how the house runs on his salary. He shows a complete lack of respect for his wife who might be a working woman and would also be managing the household chores. Instead of lending a helping hand our man would love to throw,” Why should household work be tiring? You should feel happy to do so?”

If our man sees a happy husband helping his wife, our man is quick to retort,” Look what a henpecked guy!!!” Of course, he fails to acknowledge that the problem is with him and not with the man who helps out around the house.( Parents did a good job with this one. because he learnt that helping around the house is his job too)

If your man has a rough day at work, you are in for a whining session as long as the Nile. Your day at work is not important, and if you have had a bad day it is probably your fault.

As parents, if you fail to educate boys on how every human being has feelings and emotions and they are as important as his, then you unleash on the world a thoughtless individual. Such a man would believe that his words are a panacea to all.He would never stop to think how they might hurt the emotions of others,( his co-workers, his wife and children)

A word of caution for the parents, if you do not want a sod like that to be your son-in-law then do give your sons the right values.As parents, we never see the flaws in our sons but our son-in-laws are a different story.


Teach them to cook, wash, shop for groceries but above all teach them to respect all human beings irrespective of gender.