The news space in the past few weeks has been taken up by another self-professed Godman, so I thought of giving some space to this very special variety of men/women on my page too.( Got to keep up with the trend)

This noise and clamour got me thinking :

How does one get this status?

Do you need special qualifications?

Is there an age barrier?

So I decided to delve deeper and find a bit more on this very hot and happening topic and as promised am sharing my findings( you don’t have to agree, but no GST on reading)

First and foremost you must and I cannot stress enough on the MUST have a Godfather. Why is that important? Well! you do need to dethrone someone to get that throne. Right. But let us say you do not have one, then go to a remote village/town. Find people who are ignorant of their rights and are living in the dark ages, tell them how you can ensure that they get a better life. ( Well begun is half done was thus coined) Now that you have their trust, our WORLD FAMOUS  herd mentality kicks in you are the new Baba or Sister or Ma ( depending on your choice just like added flavour/topping)

Now that you have managed to wean your way into the hearts and minds of the poor unsuspecting souls, start looking at the big fish. Now the big fish have a completely different set of problems. They have too much and don’t know what to do with it. In order to assuage their guilt, they need help and that is when you step in and tell them that wealth is the greatest evils and they must not give in to this temptation( of-course your bank account is the right place for it) they are totally in your thrall now. Lo and behold you are the next Godman.

Now your followers have relatives abroad with similar issues, they hear about the miracles performed by you and there is your ticket to a pre-paid world tour.

Before you embark on this journey you must read all scriptures and learn the words of God. You need them in your repertoire, so as to let the lesser mortals know of your hotspot connection with the almighty.  Now you have the copyright to sit in an air-conditioned room and tell people to give up all the vices of the world and lead a life of contentment. You have earned the right to tell them that they must not give in to lust, love, money as these are the devil’s incarnations.(YOU ARE OF -COURSE ALLOWED TO HAVE AN ORGY)

Your life is set now,  you are rolling in millions. The politicians. stars all the big shots stand before you with folded hands.

A word of caution here for you Do not let this go to your head. Never let your guard down, better still do not get caught because if you do then you know the companions you will meet in the striped dress.

TRUST ME YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE THERE. BE SMART DO NOT GET CAUGHT.(Why would you ruin a perfect thing)