I should have done this a lot earlier but then better late than never. This one goes out to all my friends who have added so much colour to my life. Each one has added a different colour and made each moment special in his/her own way. This is for each one of you.

Thank you so much for being there for me always and yes teaching me some wonderful lessons.

Right now I want to find the person who said, ” The best place to start is the beginning” Why didn’t you tell us that, the beginning is the toughest part. If only I could find you right now, I would whack him/her nice and proper. You, buddy, have no idea how difficult the beginning is.  Anyway, I am going to make an effort to take this one forward by talking about my friends.

Now when I think of it, my life has really been a roller-coaster with more downs than ups but the one constant in all those moments have been my friends. My Mum was someone who knew what I was thinking, what I wanted and yes If I had a crush on someone( She did, even before I knew it). My Dad a man of few words but someone who is very approachable. The almighty gifted me these wonderful friends and they, in turn, gifted me three wonderful siblings( Two sisters and a brother). And what a rollicking time we had as kids as teenagers and as adults. We made each moment count in spite of our usual spats we had the best time possible. Allies when our parents were angry, playing pranks on each other we did all of that and so much more. Thank you for always being there in every moment.

My life would not be the same without some very special people who came into my life as acquaintances, colleagues bosses but became such an integral part of my life that today I cannot imagine my life without them. I have gathered such a varied group of friends and no two are alike. From a friend who is always tongue in cheek with a ready rejoinder for everything( Legendary Wit), always with one foot in mouth to a someone who is so calm and collected that you need to think twice before making any frivolous comment I have all of them in life. I thank God for each one of them.


Thank you, God, for sending this friend to me. I cannot ever imagine my life without her cutting honesty, her rapier sharp wit, her love for life. You, my dear, are so very important to me always stay happy and keep adding humour, laughter and stability to my life.

What would I do without this friend, who knows me as well as I know myself. She is the one who steps in and stops me from taking any rash decisions( I am quite capable of doing that). We share similar tastes both love shopping like crazy ( The  guys at the malls welcome us with the biggest smiles), love similar TV shows.

The calm and composed one, she knows how to keep professional and personal separate. You girl have taught me how to stay focussed and how to be methodical( not that I have achieved that). In a group of mad hatters, you are the one who keeps us grounded.

The picture perfect one ( Not a hair out-of-place) Well imagine someone like me having a friend like that. When I gobble my food she chews it( exactly 32 times) eyes perfectly made everything perfect the complete opposite of me. This one brought the much required calm, serenity and balance to my life.

What would my life be without this one, she taught me to always keep trying different things. She taught me that life is not about being static but about always moving doing something different. She is the one who taught me that we have to keep trying to better ourselves, that we have to be a better version of ourselves today than what we were yesterday.

A big thank you to each one of you for being there, for teaching me, for putting up with me and yes for being there always. I may not say this often but I owe you a lot and that I love each one of you from the bottom of my heart.

How can I not Thank God for giving me the best buddies in the form of two wonderful children, my lifelines? So a big thank you God for your blessings.

You, my dear friends make my life worth living and loving. This is for each one of you, cliché but apt Keep smiling, dancing putting your foot in mouth, shopping.Love you all.

Love you all